Adirondack outdoor furniture is an American family tradition since 1903.

The Adirondack style of furniture received its name from its origin in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State. The name has stood for a century as the seal of classic durability and comfort.

Since 1998, through working alongside his father, Anthony Stutzman inherited the legacy and responsibility of a fine craftsman. “My dad taught me the love of tweaking a great design to achieve greater beauty and natural harmony, including pergolas and gazebos that flow with your home´s landscape”

“We consider it an honor to present furniture with the Adirondack seal, made according to the highest standards of quality, design and durability.”

Customization step

Comfortable chairs

Adirondack Furniture offers a great selection of products built from teak, treated pine, or other variety of fine woods upon request. All lumber used is of great quality and durability.


Our Adirondack furniture is based on both, luxury and classic style. Our goal is custom satisfaction for every client.

Variety and Design

Adirondack furniture offers a variety of styles for outdoors relaxation, including single, double or custom styles, with the option of footrests for greater luxury.



Our gliders come in two designs: single person or love-seat style. Due to its absolute comfort and versatility, this is our most popular product.


The vertically structured boards in the adjustable back rest combine ergonomic design with comfort from an optical full-body sun soak.


Choose form an octagonal table design with seating for eight, or the classic table with two free standing benches. Need a custom sized table to fit your space? Just ask! We can build for your needs.


Bring shade and shelter to your back yard, garden or public space with the beauty and grace of a gazebo or pavilion.


A touch of elegance in our personal design. Our pergolas are made of teak, offer an area to relax or dine in the great outdoors with protection from the elements. Complement your pergola with your choice of classic Adirondack furnishings.


This double swing offers the best relaxation. Available in two styles: a free-standing frame version, or with an arbor / pergola version.


A backyard gift for the kids. Available in teak wood or treated pine.


We also offer classic or quirky items to compliment your personal style in deck and garden décor: planters in many unique styles, bridges, garden benches and wooden wheelbarrows to name a few. Tell us what you have in mind and we build to fit your space!

Our commitment to sustainability and reforestation

Teak or Tectona grandis linn F, is among the world’s finest types of wood. The tree has growth to maturity period of eighteen to thirty years. Furniture constructed of teak is multi-functional, ideal for interior or exterior purposes. A naturally occurring antiseptic resin makes the wood highly resistant to humidity, termite and weevil attack and molds. In order to ensure sustainability, we use only teak grown from Colombian plantations. Reforestation is an on-going process on these plantations.

For more info please see this link: Vanguardia

We design and build fine wood furniture of Teak, treated pine or other fine wood of your choice. Adirondack Furniture: with attention to detail and comfort in your life.



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