Why is teak furniture so special?

Why is teak furniture so special?
Why is teak furniture so special?

Why is teak furniture so special? 

Furniture made of teak wood has many distinctive qualities that set it a cut above furniture made from other types of wood. We are excited to tell you why  teak furniture is so special.

Teak has historically been considered one of the finest woods in the world. In ancient times only the richest and most powerful people could afford this fine furniture.

The teak tree is native to India, Burma, Laos, and Thailand.

Teak wood is very resistant to temperature changes and is preferred by various industries. Because of its resistance to salt water, teak is commonly used in the manufacture of ships for the naval industry. Its durability has won it a place in many other commercial applications as well.

Teak has a set of unique characteristics that make it naturally very resistant. For example, teak has an average density of 690 kg / m³ and 12% humidity. Also it is a medium/heavy hardwood that is fairly flexible and stands up well to  impact and compression. Teak has a high oleoresin content, which is a very valuable property! Oleoresin prevents teak from cracking and rotting  and gives it great  resistance to environmental stressors such as mold and termites.

Teak produced in Colombia is of high quality

Teak trees grow in tropical places. The cultivation of teak has spread beyond Asia and India, and today teak is cultivated in more than 37 countries around the world. Teak produced in Colombia is of high quality and is grown responsibly with an emphasis on reforestation. Emphasis on design and quality of construction are also very important to highlight the natural elegance of teak. Furniture constructed of teak wood is considered very special due its resistance, durability, and elegance.

When it comes to choosing a piece of furniture for our home, the quality and duration are important; also, the style, ergonomics of the design, comfort, and elegance that will bring to the place, must be taken into account.

A teak piece of furniture is more beautiful when it has been carefully worked by hand and with the fine technique used by skilled artisans in traditional furniture manufacturing methods.

Teak wood furniture is very valuable, especially if they are handmade because they are considered unique pieces. Teak wood furniture looks great in all environments where a classic touch, timeless design, style, and comfort is the most required.



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