Meet our ‘Poly’ Adirondack furniture.

meet our poly adirondack furniture
meet our poly adirondack furniture

Meet our ‘Poly’ Adirondack furniture.

The poly used to make our furniture is High Density

Polyethylene (HDPE) a recyclable plastic derived from

post-consumer waste. Today it is commonly used to make

other new products. You have a choice in quality Adirondack

furniture, made entirely from recycled plastic material. Keep

reading to discover some interesting data related to this


Plastic is currently abundant in the world, although, disposed

of in landfills, where it occupies a lot of space. There are

several problems as a result of the accumulation of polluting

residues that have been a cause of worldwide concern in

recent decades. Fortunately, there are industrial technologies

to recycle plastic from waste materials.

Plastic waste requires a specialized mechanical process to

become a useful product again. Once processed this new

“green material” can be used to replace materials such as

wood which are less renewable.

This new ‘Poly’, the resulting product from the recycling

process can be used in the production of other new products

with numerous applications. The recycled material is useful

in fields such as construction, production of packaging, and

even as a material for the production of furniture, among

many other things.

The recycling of plastic contributes to the efficiency of

resources, improving the life cycle of materials, reducing the

polluting footprint of waste, decreases the consumption of

raw materials from non-renewable sources, and offers a

solution to the polluting effect that these have. Helping to

avoid waste in the environment.

Why Adirondack furniture in recycled plastic?

The idea of using a material such as recycled plastic in the

manufacture of furniture is precisely to give a new use to

materials that would otherwise be polluting the

environment . Adirondack furniture made from recycled

plastic is another option that we offer as an alternative to

furniture made from reforested teak wood, for those who

want to contribute to the environment.

Many people prefer to own this type of furniture, due to its

friendliness to the environment. Thanks to the origin of the

materials used to make it. Adirondack furniture made from

recycled plastic is an eco-friendly alternative when choosing

quality furniture and high resistance to weathering.

Some Advantages of Adirondack furniture in recycled


– The same traditional, timeless style

– Folding furniture for easy storage

– Highly decorative furniture (thanks to the Adirondack style)

– Wide range of colors

– Exceptional resistance to moisture, insects, warping and


– Essentially maintenance-free furniture

– Durable furniture

What should you consider when buying recycled plastic


Please note that you are purchasing a product made from a

material that has gone through industrial recycling processes,

therefore it is recommended that you do not dispose of this

furniture in a short time.

The idea is that you make a purchase aware that you are

purchasing something that will last for a long time, to be

consistent with the three “R” rule of social responsibility with

the environment: reduce, recycle and reuse.

Adirondack furniture made from recycled plastic is a novel

proposal in decorative furniture that offers many advantages

and is an example of how we as human beings can

contribute to decontaminating the world.




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