How to recognize an Adirondack chair

How to recognize an Adirondack chair?

The most famous chair style in America is called Adirondack.

In 1900 Thomas Lee invented the Adirondack chair. Since then, this chair has been very popular in America and other countries in the world. Its original name was the Westport Chair.

Later, Irwing Wolpin designs the backrest and makes the chair much more comfortable; as we currently know it. In over 100 years of history, Adirondack furniture is perfectly suited to the lifestyle of many people in America and around the world.

There are several Adirondack chair options. Here are some characteristics to recognize a quality chair.

Westport 1910 Thomas Lee – Harry Bunnell


Comfortable design

Adirondack chairs are designed to be very comfortable, they allow adequate rest since their main function is to provide relaxation. These chairs have a shape with special characteristics such as they are closer to the ground, their arms are wide allowing them to rest drinks or small dishes on them, they have a contoured wooden back for better body rest, in some models are folding.

Adirondack teak chairs

Adirondack chairs are traditionally made of fine teak wood. Although there are Adirondack style chairs made in materials such as polyethylene, aluminum, and other materials. When choosing the right material for the Adirondack chair, it is recommended to take into account its qualities. Teak wood is considered a luxury wood that requires low maintenance. Adirondack furniture made of teak wood has characteristics such as durability, minimal maintenance, luxurious appearance, weight and resistance to weathering.

Adirondack quality

Adirondack furniture is a recognized symbol of quality in furniture. Due to its excellent construction, ergonomic design, durable material, luxury finishes, durability, beautiful aesthetics, among other unique characteristics. This furniture is considered luxury furniture and, at the same time, it is very affordable for many people. The quality of the Adirondack teak furniture is obvious, even for those who are not experts in wood.

Functional and practical furniture is everyone’s favorite

The main characteristic of Adirondack furniture is that they are functional.  This kind of furniture can be used in all environments, both for indoor use and outdoor use. While Adirondack furniture is frequently used outdoors, both its quality and luxurious finishes allow them to be used also in stylish interiors. Adirondack teak furniture is preferred for its comfort and functionality.

History and personality

If you want to give a personal touch to any decoration, you should use Adirondack furniture and chairs. These chairs provide warmth, look good in any environment, adapt to all climates, offer rest, have fine finishes considered luxurious and have a whole story to tell. Add personality, style, design and good taste to your environments with Adirondack furniture.

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