Meet our ‘Poly’ Adirondack furniture.

meet our poly adirondack furniture

Meet our ‘Poly’ Adirondack furniture.

The poly used to make our furniture is High Density

Polyethylene (HDPE) a recyclable plastic derived from

post-consumer waste. Today it is commonly used to make

other new products. You have a choice in quality Adirondack

furniture, made entirely from recycled plastic material. Keep

reading to discover some interesting data related to this


Plastic is currently abundant in the world, although, disposed

of in landfills, where it occupies a lot of space. There are

several problems as a result of the accumulation of polluting

residues that have been a cause of worldwide concern in

recent decades. Fortunately, there are industrial technologies

to recycle plastic from waste materials.

Plastic waste requires a specialized mechanical process to

become a useful product again. Once processed this new

“green material” can be used to replace materials such as

wood which are less renewable.

This new ‘Poly’, the resulting product from the recycling

process can be used in the production of other new products

with numerous applications. The recycled material is useful

in fields such as construction, production of packaging, and

even as a material for the production of furniture, among

many other things.

The recycling of plastic contributes to the efficiency of

resources, improving the life cycle of materials, reducing the

polluting footprint of waste, decreases the consumption of

raw materials from non-renewable sources, and offers a

solution to the polluting effect that these have. Helping to

avoid waste in the environment.

Why Adirondack furniture in recycled plastic?

The idea of using a material such as recycled plastic in the

manufacture of furniture is precisely to give a new use to

materials that would otherwise be polluting the

environment . Adirondack furniture made from recycled

plastic is another option that we offer as an alternative to

furniture made from reforested teak wood, for those who

want to contribute to the environment.

Many people prefer to own this type of furniture, due to its

friendliness to the environment. Thanks to the origin of the

materials used to make it. Adirondack furniture made from

recycled plastic is an eco-friendly alternative when choosing

quality furniture and high resistance to weathering.

Some Advantages of Adirondack furniture in recycled


– The same traditional, timeless style

– Folding furniture for easy storage

– Highly decorative furniture (thanks to the Adirondack style)

– Wide range of colors

– Exceptional resistance to moisture, insects, warping and


– Essentially maintenance-free furniture

– Durable furniture

What should you consider when buying recycled plastic


Please note that you are purchasing a product made from a

material that has gone through industrial recycling processes,

therefore it is recommended that you do not dispose of this

furniture in a short time.

The idea is that you make a purchase aware that you are

purchasing something that will last for a long time, to be

consistent with the three “R” rule of social responsibility with

the environment: reduce, recycle and reuse.

Adirondack furniture made from recycled plastic is a novel

proposal in decorative furniture that offers many advantages

and is an example of how we as human beings can

contribute to decontaminating the world.




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Adirondack Furniture: Three reasons it’ll last you a lifetime.

Adirondack Furniture: Three reasons it’ll last you a lifetime.

Adirondack teak furniture is the perfect choice for those who appreciate quality and durability.  We’d like to explain why Adirondack furniture made in teak will last your whole life through.

Reason #1.

Timeless and traditional design

The marriage of teak wood with classic Adirondack design unites to create quality with warm style.

The reflection of tradition in this hand-crafted furniture never becomes outmoded. Over the years, improvements in the basic design along with an expanding range of decorative options provide versatility widely adapted to many settings. Many decorators are choosing eclectic and quirky combinations, as well as others who wish to combine classic good taste and adaptability. The unique timelessness of Adirondack furniture performs well for both situations, with its permanency of style as durable as the chairs themselves. Rest assured, your furniture will never become outdated. Neither will it ever lack a home within your home, thanks to its versatile habit of creating harmony in many environments, indoors and out.

Reason #2.

Best quality for your money.

The flood of choices available makes furniture selection a challenge!

Many people make their furniture choices on the basis of the initial economy, ignoring other factors. In planning for your domestic comforts, Adirondack teak furniture is always an excellent choice, iconic of quality, comfort, and good taste. When choosing to buy Adirondack furniture, you not only acquire tradition and prestige but also the universally loved elegant comfort.

Reason #3.

Sustainably harvested Colombian teak.

Care of the environment is a pressing theme worldwide. Fortunately, every day more people are concerned about the origins of the wood used to construct their furniture. Adirondack teak furniture is built around an ethic of respect for the environment. Our furniture is made entirely of teak from reforested plantations within Colombia. We consider ourselves fortunate to have access to the finest raw materials with which to build a top-quality product. But always, our goal is to respect and responsibly use the resources with which we have been blessed.

The net result: furniture of the finest quality.

In summary, choosing any of our handcrafted Adirondack teak furniture is a wise buy, a lifelong choice. The timeless, traditional Adirondack style works perfectly in many environments. And the initial investment is low, compared with the benefits that come with acquiring the best handmade wood furniture, crafted with teak from reforested tropical areas of Colombia.

Why is teak furniture so special?

Why is teak furniture so special?

Why is teak furniture so special? 

Furniture made of teak wood has many distinctive qualities that set it a cut above furniture made from other types of wood. We are excited to tell you why  teak furniture is so special.

Teak has historically been considered one of the finest woods in the world. In ancient times only the richest and most powerful people could afford this fine furniture.

The teak tree is native to India, Burma, Laos, and Thailand.

Teak wood is very resistant to temperature changes and is preferred by various industries. Because of its resistance to salt water, teak is commonly used in the manufacture of ships for the naval industry. Its durability has won it a place in many other commercial applications as well.

Teak has a set of unique characteristics that make it naturally very resistant. For example, teak has an average density of 690 kg / m³ and 12% humidity. Also it is a medium/heavy hardwood that is fairly flexible and stands up well to  impact and compression. Teak has a high oleoresin content, which is a very valuable property! Oleoresin prevents teak from cracking and rotting  and gives it great  resistance to environmental stressors such as mold and termites.

Teak produced in Colombia is of high quality

Teak trees grow in tropical places. The cultivation of teak has spread beyond Asia and India, and today teak is cultivated in more than 37 countries around the world. Teak produced in Colombia is of high quality and is grown responsibly with an emphasis on reforestation. Emphasis on design and quality of construction are also very important to highlight the natural elegance of teak. Furniture constructed of teak wood is considered very special due its resistance, durability, and elegance.

When it comes to choosing a piece of furniture for our home, the quality and duration are important; also, the style, ergonomics of the design, comfort, and elegance that will bring to the place, must be taken into account.

A teak piece of furniture is more beautiful when it has been carefully worked by hand and with the fine technique used by skilled artisans in traditional furniture manufacturing methods.

Teak wood furniture is very valuable, especially if they are handmade because they are considered unique pieces. Teak wood furniture looks great in all environments where a classic touch, timeless design, style, and comfort is the most required.