Adirondack Furniture: Three reasons it’ll last you a lifetime.

Adirondack Furniture: Three reasons it’ll last you a lifetime.

Adirondack teak furniture is the perfect choice for those who appreciate quality and durability.  We’d like to explain why Adirondack furniture made in teak will last your whole life through.

Reason #1.

Timeless and traditional design

The marriage of teak wood with classic Adirondack design unites to create quality with warm style.

The reflection of tradition in this hand-crafted furniture never becomes outmoded. Over the years, improvements in the basic design along with an expanding range of decorative options provide versatility widely adapted to many settings. Many decorators are choosing eclectic and quirky combinations, as well as others who wish to combine classic good taste and adaptability. The unique timelessness of Adirondack furniture performs well for both situations, with its permanency of style as durable as the chairs themselves. Rest assured, your furniture will never become outdated. Neither will it ever lack a home within your home, thanks to its versatile habit of creating harmony in many environments, indoors and out.

Reason #2.

Best quality for your money.

The flood of choices available makes furniture selection a challenge!

Many people make their furniture choices on the basis of the initial economy, ignoring other factors. In planning for your domestic comforts, Adirondack teak furniture is always an excellent choice, iconic of quality, comfort, and good taste. When choosing to buy Adirondack furniture, you not only acquire tradition and prestige but also the universally loved elegant comfort.

Reason #3.

Sustainably harvested Colombian teak.

Care of the environment is a pressing theme worldwide. Fortunately, every day more people are concerned about the origins of the wood used to construct their furniture. Adirondack teak furniture is built around an ethic of respect for the environment. Our furniture is made entirely of teak from reforested plantations within Colombia. We consider ourselves fortunate to have access to the finest raw materials with which to build a top-quality product. But always, our goal is to respect and responsibly use the resources with which we have been blessed.

The net result: furniture of the finest quality.

In summary, choosing any of our handcrafted Adirondack teak furniture is a wise buy, a lifelong choice. The timeless, traditional Adirondack style works perfectly in many environments. And the initial investment is low, compared with the benefits that come with acquiring the best handmade wood furniture, crafted with teak from reforested tropical areas of Colombia.

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